Wanderers’ Blazers

The Wanderers Cricket committee have worked hard over the past summer to get a supplier of our distinctive Wanderers’ blazers.

Club Blazers in Hong Kong will be making these “made to measure” blazers on behalf of the at a cost of NZ$275.00 each.

Payment can be made through PayPal direct to Club Blazers. Once they have an order for 15 blazers they will be shipped back to Wellington and distributed to the members.

Seddon CC in Hamilton have used Club Blazers and the arrangement works extremely well and have Seddon have been influential in their support of aligning Wanderers with the same supplier.

Please follow the link below to bring you closer to your very own Wanderers’ Blazer and if required matching waistcoat. Women’s blazers are also available.

We look forward to the time when at Wanderers functions and cricket matches the audience and spectators are awash in a sea of green and blue stripes.